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Life in the Digital Age

I have been pondering the idea of transparency in the digital world. The world seems to be full of “transparency” on a very shallow level, so, here are my thoughts surrounding this picture…

First, I want to say thank you again to everyone who ordered a physical copy of my album, “The Forgotten Game". This album was a delve into a world I knew nothing about, and have since continued to obsess over. Buying a physical CD is weird in a world where all music is mostly consumed on a streaming or digital platform. Most cars do not even have CD players anymore. Though, I have read numerous articles that CD sales are making a comeback, just as Vinyl did 10+ years ago. I personally listen on streaming first, then buy a physical copy (Vinyl or CD) when I know I want to listen to the album forever.

The digital realm has made everything so much easier though. In fact, the album I am putting out was mostly recorded with digital technology. Aside from the physical instruments played (I will never perform or record for a live audience with a digital bagpipe). That being said, this photo is a screenshot of what a musician makes when it comes to streaming.

I worried about giving away this kind of info, but, I realize, this is my platform and I can do as I see fit and what inspires thought within myself. If I were a normal person (most creatives are seen as abnormal, still) I would quit immediately knowing that I was getting paid $2.47 a year for work that on each song amasses almost more than a standard work week. Not to mention, my now 30 years of experience in music.

Still, I have never found a thing I do in life more rewarding than this chosen path. It isn’t about the money, it isn’t about fame…In fact, no matter what anyone has attained in life, they always want more. The only thing is, one day, I hope to achieve a level in which things sustain. Life can be tricky, and being a person in a creative realm throws you some weird curveballs.

Thank you everyone for all of the support and for helping build this sustainability I am working to achieve. Also, go check me out on Spotify, put any song on repeat and let it just play, even if you are not listening…Those $0.0022 a listen do eventually add up. Plus, more people discover what I feel is the true potential of a bagpipe.


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Mar 19

My daughter,granddaughter,and I met you on Saint Patrick's Day in Senoia GA. We cannot thank you enough for allowing Norah to play with you and for playing with her! We loved hearing you play and we will never forget your kindness!

May God Always Bless, Keep, and Sustain you and your family!

Stepahanie and Norah Scott and Mary Watts

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